Friday, 1 March 2013

Mothers Day Gift Ideas #1

Momiji Dolls (Momiji Website £12.95

Over the next four days I thought I would share some slightly different posts with you. As it's mothers day coming up (10.03.2013) I thought I would give you some inspiration if you're stuck for ideas. Day one is simple, quick and not too expensive. 

'Momiji is inspired by friendship and little kindnesses. It' about filling life with memories and messages' 

Momiji dolls are little dolls that are often sold in random different shops. They're a mini ornament, but also have a personal touch to them. Each doll is named something different from 'Birthday Girl' to 'Silly Billy' and with each doll comes a little piece of paper in a slit at the bottom which can be personalised with your own message. 

These can sometimes by found on ebay/amazon cheaper, so searching around is possible. I haven't seen one called mother, but there are certainly ones called 'Big Sister' etc! 

Hope this was helpful, for reference I have 'Kitty' and 'Luca'. 

Kate xo 

*Disclaimer* I do understand that not everyone has a mum/mother, and am sorry if you find these posts upsetting, but they are just ideas. I do realise this day might not be the same for everyone. 


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