Monday, 23 December 2013


Christmas is the time of year to give presents, and spend a lot of money! Today I have a couple of simple tips to help save those pennies when the bank is low. 

1. Loyalty cards; You probably all have them, but if you don't you should seriously consider getting some. Boots, Debenhams, Waterstones, Costa, Superdrug, Space NK… Many shops have them. Basically every time you spend you earn points, collect these points up and then you can spend them on any item you want. I like to save mine all year so that I can use them either when buying presents or a treat for myself at christmas. 

2. Stamp cards; Cafe Nero and some other shops have a stamp system where when you buy a drink you get a stamp, 9 stamps later you get a free drink! These are a really simple but effective way to save money, and if you're a hot chocolate addict like me these will really come in handy! 

3. TopCashback; Last but not least I have a website to share with you. TopCashback is something my dad introduced me to, you simply get cash back when you spend. The website has thousands of brands/shops that you can get cash back on, even holidays abroad you can get money back on. I don't always use this as sometimes I forget but it's super great if you're buying something that's worth a lot of money. The money you earn can be transferred into you bank, with literally no catch! 

What are your tips on saving money?

Sunday, 22 December 2013


Just a quick post today as I've been out shopping all day so haven't had time to sort out a proper post. I got up at 9.15 this morning, quickly got ready then got the bus to a local town to do some last minute shopping. I'm actually really organised so didn't need to buy any christmas presents as they're all bought and wrapped so it was a treat myself kind of shop. There is a mix of both fashion and beauty items, I will be filming a haul tomorrow so you'll get to see the bits that I bought. 

How's your christmas shopping going? 


Saturday, 21 December 2013


So today as Christmas is really close now I thought I would show you how my (parents) house is starting to look festive. My mum, like me is super creative so quite a few of the decorations are handmade. My room never really looks overly Christmassy but hat doesn't bother me too much as the rest of the house is pretty festive. 

We have some knitted stockings that are not photographed but my mum made them, as well as the tartan bunting hanging on the wall. I love the stockings as I think they look really bright and lovely. On the landing we have some Christmas lights branches which give a very cozy feel and we also have some super cute heart card holders. They're such a great way to display Christmas cards without having them cluttering the window sill or floor etc. In my room I have some Christmas cups that are from Costa, who just make the best festive drinks so I had to put their cute cups up. I just have a few Christmas cards which are on my shelves. Like I said although I don't have many decorations it still looks a bit festive. I'm tempted to pick up a Christmas blanket to throw over my bed for the few nights left before Samta comes! I hope you've enjoyed this festive post and I'll talk to you again tomorrow, for day 21 of the #bigblogmasproject. 

What decorations do you have up?

Friday, 20 December 2013


Hello everyone today I thought I'd do something a bit different and show/tell you about four blogs that I love. These people do not not I'm mentioning them or have asked me so this is all my own opinion! I hope you find some wonderful new blogs to follow as I certainly love reading these. [In no particular order] 

Sophie is a wonderful blogger, I adore her layout and her blog posts are super informative. I particularly love her one brand posts, so far she has done Bourjois and MUA. Not only is she a lovely blogger but one of my closet bloggy friends as she is my pen pal. We're been writing since September this year and I love nothing more than reading and replying to her letters. 

I love Jen blogs, her layout is very fresh and clean and her posts are really original. Jen is a lovely person in general and we often end up commenting on each other's Instagram photos as I think we have a similar taste in makeup. 

Ysis' blog is so professional, and her posts are so detailed that if she reviews something I will know for sure if the product is for me or not. Along with her YouTube channel, Ysis' blog is so informative and helpful and she's just a really happy bubbly person which is always good. 

Another super clean and fresh blog, Jessica's blog reminds me of the likes of Vivianna Does Makeup. Jessica does super interesting posts and I always crave every product she talks about. Her hair is to die for and I just find her blog really easy and great to read. She also has a youtube channel which I always watch as her video are really professional. 

What are your favourite beauty blogs? 


Thursday, 19 December 2013


Christmas is getting really close now and so it's time to bring out my festive nail polish choices for this year. As you may notice I like reds and gold colours, but don't they just scream christmas? I've not had a chance yet to do any christmas nail art as my evenings have been full of choir concerts, and then I work at the weekend, however this Saturday night I will be trying to come up with some inventive design. So onto the polishes now!

First off we have two nail polished from the amazing brand Barry M. I've raved about their textured nail polish in Duchess in a previous post so that had to be included as well as the beautiful Lady polish. This does need 3 coats to reach full opacity but looks like snow or ice on your nails which is just so magical. 

Next up is the Butter London polish in 'Come to bed red' which is a pure creamy red. This needs 2/3 coats to reach full opacity but is a gorgeous red that isn't too blue or orange toned so I think this would work for anyone. Butter London polishes are on the more expensive side but hey it's christmas why not treat yourself! 

The last two polishes are Models Own Champagne and a random primark polish. The Models own polish is like tinsel mashed up in a bottle, it has the most beautiful sparkly sheen to it. This is my go to polish if I'm ever in a rush as you can get away with one coat and it dries really fast. The primark polish was from a set I received through secret santa with my friends last year, and it's a lovely sparkle red, perfect for christmas festivities.

What nail polish will you be wearing this christmas?


Wednesday, 18 December 2013


There is nothing worse than tangled headphones, and for months I struggled with having to complete the impossible task of trying to get my headphones to stop getting tangled up so badly. Then last year my mum bought my one of this, it's called a Bobino, and it's basically an amazing piece of plastic that you can wrap your headphones around to stop them getting so messy! 

Bobino's come in various different sizes and colours, unfortunaltey I lost the one my mum bought me for christmas last year so when I spotted this one in John Lewis I picked it up as it just makes things so much easier. I picked up the small red one as my phone case is red and white so I thought I'd make a little theme of it. I honestly love this little invention, and it's so crazily helpful. Bobino has a website which also has a couple of other useful products -

Have you seen these before? 


Tuesday, 17 December 2013


There's no denying I love painting my nails, and one of my major nail enablers is Sammy from The Nailasaurus, who has one of the best nail blogs on the internet. Nail stamping is something I've always wanted to try, and when my best friend got some Konad plates I wasn't actually that fussed with some of the designs, because I wanted simple basic patterns. So when I was having a late night scroll through Sammy's blog and came across the brand 'MoYou' I was so thrilled to find a plate that was full of simple basic patterns. In the online basket it went and into my hands. 

I am honestly so happy with this plate, and there are many things I love about it so I'm going to try and get through them all. 1. The packaging/plate itself is such good quality, with the white plastic back making it feel sturdy, something you definitely want when you have nail polish bottles and tools everywhere. 2. The designs are so pretty, and diverse. You've not just got spots, but stripes, triangles, checks, and even a honeycomb design. 3. The plate works well. I was worried that I was going to have to buy special colours to use with the stamping plates, but these work fine with any nail polish that I've tried so far. Obviously the more opaque the polish the better, as the design will appear better when stamped onto your nail. 4. It's so easy! Polish, scrape, transfer, stamp! I may do a video on my youtube channel at some point showing you how it works. 5. It's such a good price! At £4.99 per plate I will be getting some more of these in my life soon. The MoYou website is here - 

Have you ever tried nail stamping?


Monday, 16 December 2013


When it comes to christmas jumpers I'm definitely more of a stylish jumper wearer rather than an 'ugly sweater' wearing, but this by no means means they're ugly at all! (I just struggle to rock one). I bought this beauty of a jumper while shopping with my mum last year, it's so soft and comfy. The top third is covered with a beautiful print of christmas trees, snowflakes and skiers, the bottom part being covered with tiny love hearts. Now as I've mentioned before I'm not a huge fashionista, but this is comfy and cute so I shall roll with it for another year. This paired with my black skinny jeans, ugg boots and my parka jacket make a lovely winters outfit! 

Have you got a favourite christmas jumpers?

Sunday, 15 December 2013


I love nail polish. I love Barry M. I love this polish! Part of the royal collection this is the first polish I picked up from the line, and my gosh how I love this. The Barry M textured polishes are really impressive and have a great finish. This colour is super shiny and sparkly, and a really amazing colour for the festive season! 

This polish feels like a slightly smoother sand paper on the nails, but not in a horrible way. It only needs 2 coats to reach full opacity, and stays so well on the nails, this literally never chips on my nails. At an amazing price of £3.99 these polishes are definitely worth it, and I this is more than likely to be gracing my nails on christmas day/new years eve. 

Do you like textured polishes? 

Saturday, 14 December 2013


Inspired by Amelia from Liana Beauty today I thought I'd do a 'if you only buy one thing this month' post. Today I'm saying that Decembers product you should pick up is Snow Fairy shower gel by Lush. It's especially important that if you like the sound of this you pick it up as this is limited edition for the christmas period, and does sell out like hot cakes! 

I've never really had a big spending spree in Lush despite watching all of the hauls on YouTube. I was actually at the checkout when I noticed this, and I immediately remembered how hyped this is and so thought I had to try it. How glad I am that this went in my basket! This sweet scented shower gel is to die for, some say it smells like pear drops - Lush describes it as smelling of candy floss and pear drops. It's sweet. It's really sweet so if you like muskier scents then maybe this isn't for you, but who wouldn't want to smell like a sweet shop when you get out of the shower?! This is by far my favourite shower gel ever and I will have to get a bigger bottle before it leaves the shelves.

Have you tried this shower gel? 

Friday, 13 December 2013


A Levels, driving lessons, head girl duties, concerts, volunteering, work and blogging?! Yes sometimes I wonder myself how I manage it. Today I thought I'd take a break from beauty bits and talk to you about how I stay organised when it comes to my crazy life.

1. Prioritise - First of all, I always put school work before anything else. With (hopefully) going to University in September 2014 my school work takes priority when I'm really busy. A couple of weeks before your exams don't be thinking 'I really need to take some blog photos' or 'I need to edit that youtube video'.

2. Write things down - If you're at school, on a bus, in bed, always make sure you have a notebook handy to write down any ideas that pop into your head. This will help when you're having a mental block about what to blog about you have a range of ideas you'd forgotten about! To stay organised with my blog posts I've come up with a system where I can keep track of where I'm up to with everything. (Picture above). 6 columns - Product/Topic, PP; Product Photo (aka packaging), S; Swatched (if necessary), E; Edited photo, W; Written post, P; Publish. By doing this I can always know where I'm up to with various posts and this helps me to stay organised!

3. Saying No! - This may sound strange because most of the time people encourage you to say yes to every opportunity that you're given, however when you already have lots on your plate, then like me try to get into the habit of saying no. I don't mean saying no to homework as sadly that's not possible, but if someone asks me to sing at a concert one evening when I know I have a lot of homework it's much better to say no. This is something I really struggle with as I like to please everyone and join in with as much as I can, but sometimes I just need some time off, or time to catch up with work.

4. Don't feel pressured - 'Why haven't you blogged' 'Where are you?' 'We're waiting for you to come back' are things I've seen said to many bloggers when they haven't posted for a while. As much as it's nice to read your favourite bloggers posts everyday we are real people and for most (some) bloggers we have jobs or school work that do have to come first. Don't feel pressured into blogging just because people are leaving you comments, do it when you have the time and when it feels right.

5. Bulk Blog - By this I mean take lots of photos, edit them, write and schedule the posts so that you have plenty to fill your time if you know you'll be taking a break. I often dedicate a day/afternoon that I can get lots of content so that it's there if I need it. Using my table (see point 2 above) I can always know what needs doing when it comes to blogging posts. 

I hope this long post has been in some way useful for you, if you have any tips on staying organised please let me know as there is nothing I love more than feeling on top of things! If you managed to stay to the end of this post well done you, you deserve a sticker. Have a lovely day and I'll talk to you tomorrow in my never #bigblogmasproject post. 


Thursday, 12 December 2013


What's this, a fashion post on my blog? Yes that's right today I'm straying into the world of fashion (not something I know too much about!). Fact; I'm a scarf girl. Chunky, thin, snood, I love them all, so when my mum came home from a shopping spree and handed me this knitted snood from Gap I was more that happy. This has honestly had so much wear since I got it, and is definitely great for keeping cozy in the cold winter days. 

I think the reason why I love this snood so much is because it's grey it goes with pretty much anything, I've worn this with striped shirts, jumpers, and it looks extra good paired with my parka coat. There is nothing nicer than putting this on as it really keeps my neck warm and just adds a little bit of pizazz to an outfit. Now I am no where near a fashionista, but I do think this looks pretty trendy! This also comes in a white and green combo, but I'll just be sticking with this one for the rest of the season. 

Have you got a favourite scarf?


Wednesday, 11 December 2013


Having been a powder blush girl for many years I actually shocked myself when I fell in love with a cream/liquid blush. I picked the Rimmel Stay Blushed Cheek Tint in Pop of Pink up on a whim, having read no reviews whatsoever on it while browsing the isles of boots. To my surprise when I got home I found that it was a lovely colour, pigmented and easy to blend. 

The consistency of this blush is strange, it's not a runny liquid i.e. Benetint and it's not fully cream i.e stila convertible colour. I'd describe it as a thick liquid (?!). You only need the tiniest blob of this, I pop some on my ring finger, apply to the apples of my cheeks then use all of my fingers to blend in. As with most liquidy blushed you do have to work fast with this, although I've had no problems with marks of where I first applied it. This stays on me so well, and is such a staple colour that works well with any eye/lip combo. 

Are you a powder or liquid blush fan?


Tuesday, 10 December 2013


Sitting on a cold winters evening on the sofa, hot chocolate by your side, what could be better than a magazine purely dedicated to blogs?! When Estee mentioned this on her blog, it went straight in my basket and before I knew it it had arrived. I love reading blogs, but I also love discovering new blogs and so I knew this magazine was for me. 

The magazine contains six sections of blogs; food, fashion, lifestyle, travel, photography and beauty. There's also an interview, for/against, recipes, and many other little bits to fulfil your bloggy needs. Estee looks fabulous in all of her photos, and I've found many new blogs from the magazine. I like the fact that it includes all areas of blogging rather than just beauty bits because sometimes I love browsing a travel blog and dreaming of the sun. As well as a paper copy this magazine is also available for digital download, although I'm always a traditional paper girl! Blogosphere can be purchased here -

Are you a magazine reader? 


Monday, 9 December 2013


Skincare is something that is very rarely mentioned on my blog, just because I haven't yet found the perfect routine to satisfy my skins needs but today I'm going to be talking about the hyped? Clarins Gentle Exfoliating Toner.

I picked this up after discovering the world of exfoliating toners through Caroline Hirons. Basically this product is meant to get away all of the dead skin cells without being as harsh as a granule scrub. The scent is a bit weird at first but it's something I've got used to. I apply a small amount of a cotton pad, post cleanse - pre moisturiser, and swipe it all over my face. This makes my skin feel smooth and generally look healthier, I use this every evening. I really feel like this has improved the texture of my skin, it no longer has that froggy texture that I used to get around my jawline and is now lovely and smooth. I honestly couldn't recommend this enough! 

What is your staple skincare item?


Sunday, 8 December 2013


Although I love a good berry nail shade for the winter I also love a good old neutral. I first tried the OPI Skull & Glossbones polish when I bought the mini Pirates of the Caribbean collection many years ago. After trying all of the polishes this was by far my favourite, so when I ran out of the mini size into my online basket went the full size bottle. 

The application of this polish is flawless, two coats and it's fully opaque, no streaking or bubbling in sight. I find this stays on my nails really well, and the brush is fairly wide meaning painting is so easy. This is by far my biggest bottle of nail polish that I own, so whether I'll ever go through it all I don't know but for the moment I've been loving this gracing my nails!

What are your winter nail polish picks?


Saturday, 7 December 2013


Essie are by far one of my favourite nail brands. The brushes, names, shades and range is so incredible so when I see the chance to try three polishes at once I jump at it! The colder months bring not only a change in weather but in colour palettes, and I tend to reach for darker/berry colours for my nails. Essie's Winter 2013 Collection consists of three mini 5ml bottles of polish, Shearling Darling; A deep cranberry colour, Parka Perfect; A light blue with shimmer and Toggle To The Top; A red based fine glitter polish. 

All three of these polishes come with the wide boots diffusion line brush which makes application so easy. All shades need only 2 coats and I don't find them to chip at all (over 5/6 days wear). Although Parka Perfect is not your tradition winter shade I've found myself reaching for it as a change to all the darkness around me. Toggle To The Top is the shade that will be gracing my nails on Christmas Day as for me it's literally christmas in a bottle. Priced at £12.99 this set is a great buy and I will more than likely by purchasing the full sizes at some point! 

Do you like Essie polishes?


Thursday, 5 December 2013


So today I'm getting into the festive spirit and doing the christmas tag which I saw on Sarah's Beauty Emporium. Although christmas is fast approaching I'm not quite ready to be blasting the christmas tunes but no doubt with all this blogmas floating around I will soon don my reindeer ears! 

1. Do you prefer a real Christmas tree or synthetic?
In our house we always have a real christmas tree, I just love the smell it gives off and I actually prefer how they look. 

2. You're in a coffee shop, it's December, what do you pick?
A costa white hot chocolate. I think I'm actually addicted to these drinks, but I have a really sweet tooth so not only do they fulfil that but they're so smooth and creamy. Just thinking about them makes my mouth water...

3. Whats your favourite colour scheme for decorating the tree?
We never have a theme for our tree, we literally put any and every decoration on and somehow it looks really nice despite the fact it probably sounds like a complete mess! Many of the decorations that go on our tree we've had for years and most have many memories related to them. 

4. Giving or receiving?
I much prefer giving presents! I love thinking about what the person will like, then the actually buying of the presents as well as the wrapping and giving. I find wrapping presents so relaxing and I love to just dedicate an evening to myself in my rooms blasting out the christmas songs. 

5. To mince pie or not to?
To be honest I've never tried one so I can't comment on whether I like them or not although I can't say it's something that I'm desperate to try each year. 

6. What's your traditional Sunday lunch?
Chicken, yorkshire puddings, carrots, broccoli, gravy. Pretty standard really, and I'm not actually the biggest fan, I'd much rather be eating a bowl of pasta! 

7. Christmas day fashion
I tend to go for comfort over style, more than likely jeans or leggings with a christmassy top. I still need to have a shop around as I don't have my christmas outfit for this year but I shall let you know what I go with. 

8. What's your favourite Christmas song?
How can I choose just one? I love Merry Christmas Everyone and Do They Know It's Christmas. I sang the latter at my primary school many years ago and still remember all of the actions that we made up to go alongside the words. Although PTX's version of Little Drummer Boy is perfection to the ears. 

9. What's your favourite Christmas film?
I'm not actually a big christmas film watcher although if the Grinch is on I will often sit down and watch that. I don't think I've ever seen Elf, which seems to be the christmas film of choice this year!

10. Open presents before or after lunch?
Before lunch and after breakfast. I tend to open my stocking presents (yes my mum still does me a stocking every year) before breakfast and then wait until after breakfast for the main present unwrappings. This usually means I've shove a piece of toast in my mouth and rush to the tree! 

I hope you enjoyed this tag, feel free to do it if you haven't already and don't forget to check out my other #bigblogmasproject posts under the categories in the sidebar of my blog! 


Wednesday, 4 December 2013


Another lip post today, and this is yet again another non traditional winter shade. Eventually the winter shades will creep out of the draws but for the moment the peepers want all the attention. Today I'm going to be showing you the very raved about Bourjois Colour Boost in Peach on the Beach.

The colour of this is to die for, a beautiful nearly bright pinky coral is perfect with pretty much any look (can you tell I like these kinds of shade?!). The application is lovely, very smooth and glossy. However, yes the colour is great and so is the application but when it comes down to staying power, this doesn't cut it for me. The other lip stains in my collection are the Revlon Kissable Balm Stains and I can put those on at 7am having full confidence that when I get home from school at 4pm it will still be in tact even through drinking and eating (and a lot of nattering!). I find the Bourjois one to be very lacking in this department, so I have to reapply as more of a gloss than a stain.

What's your favourite lip stain?

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