Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Hello there! So today I thought I'd review a product that I've had for a while. I know you've seen these 1million times but hey! So when these first came out I picked this one up in my local boots. I haven't picked any up since but I have been very close to at times! Anyway lets get on with the review!

Lovely but simple packaging, see through lid which is great for picking out when stored!

Peach parfait is like it says peach but more red toned? And it has a considerable amount of glitter shimmer in it. It's a beautiful colour and glides on fairly smoothly! 

I know this is a bit out of focus but it really shows what it looks like on my lips and you can see the shimmer in it. 

So are they worth the hype? 

Well in my opinion its down to you! But I must say I haven't reached for this as much as I thought I would? Is that saying something! I think the thing that puts me off this particular colour is the shimmer. As it wears away the shimmer stays and looks a bit odd on the lips. But a lovely colour to begin with! 

How many of these have you collected, if any?
Which are your favourites? 

Kate xo



  1. your blog is absolutely incredible, the layout, photography, content etc is just beautiful, you deserve thousands of followers! How come you're so good at web design? X

  2. Thank you! I don't know really, I guess I've just picked up tips from other bloggers and the internet! X


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