Monday, 13 February 2012


Another Mid Month Madness today. This month has been filled with rehearsals for the school musical so that it why I have been absent from my blog! Here are some of the things through my busy times that I have been loving...

1. Revlon Nail Enamel in 900 Pink Nude - This is a perfect baby pink everyday colour which I wear to school a lot! Lovely consistency and doesn't chip easily!
2. EOS Lip Balm - These are so nice to use and I get loads of questions about what it is, which is very funny! I have the strawberry and the apple flavours.
3. Mittens - It got down to -15 Degrees the other day and so these have been keeping my hands toasty and warm! Mine were £3 from Sainsburys! 
4. Colbie Caillat - Some of the cutest, sweetest music I have ever heard. I love love love the song 'I Do', great uplifting, heart warming songs. 
5. My New Look Coat - The coat in the picture isn't the exact one but it is fairly similar. I got the coat as a christmas present 2010 and have worn it every winter since! So warm and very nicely fitted. 
6. My heart necklace - Again not the exact one, I got mine in a little boutique in a town near where I live, it is very simple but great to add a bit of bling to an outfit! 

Hope you are all well wherever you are!

Tell me what you have been loving in a comment down below! 

Kate xo

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