Wednesday, 18 January 2012


I thought it would be a nice idea to let you know what I'm loving in the middle of each month. Not promising I will keep this up, but I thought it was a nice idea. The products shown are not the exactly the things I am loving but just generally. Mid-Month Madness being the things I am 'mad' about. This month... 

1. Snoods. I have a River Island two-tone snood which is so warm and snuggy! I've worn it in quite a few of my videos.
2. Scented candles. I having been loving my blueberry scented candle from my friend and my white cranberry candle also from a friend for christmas. 
3. UGG Boots, I have a pair of chestnut classic Uggs, the exact ones in the picture. So warm on those nippy January days. 
4. Rings, surprisingly for me, I have been wearing a ring which I showed in my Christmas Haul loads recently! It doesn't hurt or nip my skin which is good! 
5. Beyonce, in general and her newest album 4. Brilliant mix of slow songs and dance tunes! 
6. Sweaters, I have worn my two River Island Sweaters in my videos loads and so obviously they made it into my 2011 Favourites!

Hope you are all having a wonderful week and tell me in a comment down below what you are loving at the moment! 

Kate xo


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