Tuesday, 26 May 2015


I thought it would be a nice idea to start sharing one of my technology themed favourites with you each month, as these change more regularly than my beauty favourites do. In these posts I'll be talking about apps, music, tv shows and anything else that's in the tech area. This month I have quite a few music favourites as well as I tv show which has had me sobbing plenty of times! 

Starting with music, I've not been able to get enough of Tori Kelly's song Nobody Love. It's so upbeat and feel good, and I'm pretty sure all of my flatmates are sick to death of me playing this from my room. I don't know how many people have heard of Tori Kelly, but I discovered her through Pentatonix. She is so talented, has the vocal range of a god and her songs are so up my ally. Another song that is now associated with me in the flat is Someone New by Hozier. This is a little more upbeat than the last Hozier song I fell in love with in the form of Take Me To Church, but I think the lyrics are great and it's generally a really catchy song. Finally I've been loving a bit of Nick Jonas, specifically Chains. This is a song that I put on if I'm getting ready to go out, it is often followed by a dancing around my room session. I know some people can't stand this song, but I personally think it has a great beat. 

I cannot express how much I have sobbed my heart out at the final two episodes of Grey's Anatomy season 11. I caught up with the series last summer and have been watching the episodes as they come out in America ever since, mid season 11 I was a bit disillusioned but the amazing Shona Rhimes really bought it back towards the concluding episodes. I won't give too much away in case anyone is working their way through the series, but my god I cried. Such an amazing program, and I always count it as a bit of biology revision thrown in there! Last but not least this month saw the release of Pitch Perfect 2, which I'm willing to say I prefer to the first one by far (and I've seen that one around 7 times). The songs are epic, the comedy is fantastic and the characters in the form of DAS Sound Machine are so cool! I couldn't recommend that you go and see it highly enough, I went with my glee club from uni which made the experience 100x better. 

What techy stuff have you been loving recently?

Sunday, 24 May 2015


For the longest time I saw reviews about these, and for the longest time I still walked past them every time I was in Boots. However, after christmas when I had a couple of Boots vouchers to spend I decided it was time I had one of these in my life. The Tangle Teezer is a product that most bloggers have heard about, if not own due to it's promise to make brushing your tangled hair easier. My hair is quite thick and so can be a pain to sort out after I get out of the shower, however since getting my Tangle Teezer it's made things so much easier! I use this straight after I wash my hair and it runs really easily through, helping my hair go from knotty to smooth in minutes. The shape of this brush is great as it fits into your hand perfectly, and I adore its pretty lilac colour. 

I also use this when I'm straightening my hair, to run this through my locks then follow with the straightener helps catch all those pesky fine pieces of hair that try to escape, and also helps my hair feel silky smooth afterwards. For those natural waves this brush also comes in handy, brushing out my perfectly curled hair creating a softer more naturally waved look. I know there are smaller versions of this brush, as well as a variation of colours meaning that there's something out there for everyone! I really am glad that I finally got round to purchasing a Tangle Teezer, it makes my haircare routine much less painful and tangle free. Also, the size and weight of the brush mean it is very travel friendly. I know many of my friends own and love their Tangle Teezers, so there's obviously something worth buying here. 

Have you tried the Tangle Teezer?

Thursday, 21 May 2015


These fashion posts seem to have become more of a regular thing, which considering I have no clue what the latest fashion trends are is pretty amusing. Today I'm going to be talking about shoes, something that I'm not as obsessed with as my mum, but still an exciting topic for me. When it comes to summer, I get very grumpy and stressy if I'm too warm or if I'm uncomfortable with what I'm wearing. Gone are the days where I will sport little flimsy flip-flops or sandals with bits that poke your feet here there and everywhere. I've become one of those people who practically lives in pumps. The reason I love them so much is because there is so much choice in terms of design, meaning you can find ones that are the statement piece of an outfit, but also ones that go with absolutely anything. 

The first pair that I've been in love with for a while now is this demin look pump from H&M which I managed to grab in their sale after christmas for £7. These are the type of shoe that as I said above go with everything. They are denim look but I find they can be worn with pretty much any coloured jeans (I may be committing a fashion crime but hey-ho!), and I especially love wearing these with my ripped Topshop jeans. I wear these with those little pop sock things, which although can be annoying prevent any rubbing and also that bare sweaty feet thing - gross I know, but true. I can wear these all day without any trouble, meaning they'd be great if you're spending a day shopping or exploring the sights of a foreign country. 

Another pair that have become a summer staple are these bargain of a shoe that I found in TK Maxx in the Easter holidays. A few years ago I randomly stumbled across the brand Victoria, which make the comfiest pumps with the biggest range of colours you can imagine. I still own my first pair, which were a simple grey however they have been assigned to the messy shoes only pile as I've worn them so much. So when I spotted this navy pair on the shelf for £10 from £30 I knew they had to be mine. This pair comes with laces as opposed to my old pair which had an elastic slip on look, however the laces mean I don't have to worry about these slipping off my small feet. Again a pair of pumps that are great for wearing all day, and the navy colour makes them very versatile. 

What kind of shoes to you sport when it comes to summer?