Monday, 16 March 2015

A Little Life Update

First of all I sincerely apologise for the lack of posts here on Beauty Babbles. Uni has been crazy since I last posted, with assignments, general work and other stuff which I will get onto. I'm going to try and summarise all the fabby things I've done and that have happened since I last posted in as succinct way I can. 

Mid February 
Reading week, and boy was I ready for a break. My uni course is pretty intense so after 6 weeks it's great to have a week to recompose and go over everything we've been bombarded with in the previous weeks. Also I got away from uni this reading week, I went on a mini adventure to stay with my grandparents. It was so nice to see them and spend time with them, as well as having a break from campus (as much as I adore it!). This time also gave me a chance to see my parents again which is always great. 

I am part of the showchoir at uni, and with the spring showcase beginning of March we had Sunday rehearsals pretty much 10am-5pm every Sunday. As much as this did halve my weekend time, the Sunday rehearsals were some of the best days I've had at uni so far. It really bought me closer to many members of the choir, and I discovered some of my now closest friends through all that time singing and dancing. 

That One Crazy Week 
First week of March. Busy, busy, busy. I had an interview for something I'll come to in a second, a summative (it counts!) presentation and the showchoir spring showcase, as well as normal uni work and commitments. The presentation went well (I think) and the showcase was so much fun you would not believe. It involved different colours including a song where we had UV lights (see photo above) and rekindled my love for performing and the buzz you can feel on the night. 

Other Exciting Things / Random Trips 
More recently I have become a student ambassador for my uni. I am so excited for this as I knew I wanted to be one before I'd even arrived at uni. This will give me the chance to do many different jobs such as campus tours and workshops as well as generally spreading the love for the place I now call home. As well as this I have also been elected as Vice President for the showchoir, which excites me greatly. The people in the choir are like my family, and I can't wait to get involved with the organising and running of it all for the next year. 

Finally just some more random but still fun things I've done - dressed up for numerous campus club nights e.g as a minion, a Hawaiian surfer and a sailor. Been bowling - a great different trip out. Went into town and found an adorable independent cafe, having a bacon sandwich and brownie for lunch with a friend from my course. Taken many more landscape photos of my uni, which I continue to love day by day. 

So that's what I've been up to, I haven't forgotten you all, nor have I been avoiding posting! Hopefully during Easter (which brings more exciting adventures) I will be able to hop back on the blogging bandwagon and bring you plenty more Beauty Babbles! 

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Monthly Mashup - January

The first month of 2015 has come and gone already! I can't believe it really. This month has been pretty great to be honest, I bought in the New Year with my family and then headed back to university on the 3rd. For some reason this month has been very reflective for me, and I have been constantly feeling very blessed for where I am today and the amazing people I have around me. I'm hoping to do this 'monthly mashup' style posts every month, with some random photos that I've taken as a monthly summary. It'll be great if I can look back at each one at the end of the year and be reminded of the little things that made each month so special.

This month saw the return to the gym, after being so ill over christmas it felt nice to be able to workout again. I've also been loving doing my nails recently - January has seen a matte red to a verging on spring like purple manicure. January has actually been pretty hectic for me, I am involved in quite a few societies - one of which is the uni glee show choir. Every Sunday 10-5 is taken up with rehearsals for our spring showcase, which is proving so much fun and I've met some really great people through it. I've also had a couple of deadlines looming, meaning I'm often hidden in piles of books and journal articles - but hey, it's all super interesting stuff! This month also involved a very special addition to my life, one that I'm not going to talk about too much on here for now. 

The top picture in this month's collage was taken on a spontaneous walk that me and two of my flatmates decided to go on as the sun was setting. It was great to be able to take some decent photographs and it really made me appreciate the university I'm at. To be able to literally walk out of my flat and see that view, is something very special to me. Thank you January, you've been good to me! 

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Fitness Fashion

Did I ever think I was going to be the type of person that got excited about fitness attire? Definitely not. But ever since becoming to uni I have become much more active, meaning I have needed to pick up and grow my work out clothes collection. The three main types of exercise I do are running, badminton and going to the gym. When it comes to bottom half I'm much more of a three quarter length girl than long bottoms as I find I don't get as hot. H&M is a haven for sports wear, everything is so cute and affordable. The grey marl bottoms in the photo are from H&M and the black ones are from M&S. 

In terms of running, I do like to wear a long sleeved base layer, mine above is from Sub4 and really comfy. As well as the base layer I wear this thin running jacket from Do Running, which being so bright means it's safe to run anytime of the day. This is really light and breathable and has detachable sleeves, meaning it can be transferred into the summer months. Trainers wise, I now own two pairs, one for running outdoors and one for indoor activities. I highly recommend going to a running shop where they can assess your running stance and advice you on the right shoes to support you. My purple pair are from the brand Asics. My indoor pair are much cheaper and not as supportive, but then they don't need to be as much. I adore the neon colours on my New Balance shoes, and they are nice and soft which makes them very comfy. 

Do you have any fitness fashion recommendations?