Tuesday, 28 April 2015


There's no denying I'm a bit of a tech geek. When it comes to technology I'm a big fan, whether it's making lists or learning to meditate I'll be using my tech where I can. Today I'm going to be sharing 9 of my favourite iPhone apps (not sure which ones are available on Androids sorry!).

First up is Afterlight. This is the app I use to edit all of my instagram photos. I like to use the same app as I'm a bit of a perfectionist so the fact that all my instagram snaps have some kind of theme to them please me greatly. Next is AnyDo which is great if you're a lover of lists like me. It's a pretty basic (free) app that allows you to separate your to-dos into jobs for today and tomorrow, as well as ones further into the future. Once you have completed the job you simply swipe and it disappears. Simples. I am a huge fan of the Bloglovin app, which since it's redesign is actually quite stunning. I find this is the best way to keep track of blog posts I need to read, and allows me to browse through a range of different blogs depending on if I'm fancying anything from food to fashion. 

CarTunes is a staple for both me and my dad, it is a much more aesthetically pleasing than the music app that comes built in to apple products. The reason I like this so much is due to the minimal design. No more tiny buttons all over the screen, you are shown the album cover, the title, artist and name of the album as well as how far through the song you are. The clever thing about this app is that it themes the colour of the timings to match the colour of the album colour. Just something small but I really love this app. Next up is Collect which I mentioned in my 'Recent Lifestyle Favourites' a couple of weeks ago, and it's definitely worth another mention here. This app allows you to collect all of your photos in one place, you simply upload one for each day (all the photos stay private to your phone and don't get shared with anyone) so that at the end of the month you can have a visual summary of what you've been up to. March was the first month I completed as I discovered the app in mid feb, but I can't wait to keep going with it and be able to look back at my year in photos. 

Crossy Road is so addictive I don't know if I should be telling you about it, it's basically just a chicken hoping across the road avoiding vehicles, but if you're anything like me it will provide you with a lot of entertainment. For those who fancy trying mediation Headspace is the app for you. This helps guide you through the beginning steps of mediation, and has been something I've been loving doing first thing in the morning. The first 10 sessions are free but there's nothing to say you can't listen to these over and over again! Obviously I'm a massive fan of Instagram, I mean who doesn't love seeing pictures of everything from pinterest worthy nails to delicious burgers in one place?! Last but not least Snapchat is one of my favourite apps this year so far. If you fancy seeing what I get up to then add me 'katesnapsxo'. 

What apps have you been into recently?

Sunday, 26 April 2015


Spring is finally here, after many dull months, which inevitably means it's time to bring out the pastel nail colours. So today I'm going to be sharing some of this years spring nail polish picks with you. First up my spring nails are not complete without a baby pink, this year in the form of Avon Nailwear Pro+ in Pink Creme. This applies really nicely and goes with many different outfits. Also from the same brand I have the Avon Nailwear Pro+ in Romance which is a really interesting purple metallic colour, and does make a change to the milkier pastel colours that I so often opt for. This takes more coats to build up the colour but is nice and subtle. 

A throwback to my birthday last year when my best friends bought me the Revlon Scented Nail Polish in Apricot Nectar. I really like this colour, it's more pastel than it comes out on the nail swatch in the photo. The smell is nice but doesn't last too long on the nails, which in some ways I prefer as it's not too overwhelming. My only qualm with this polish is that the brush is quite thin so application can be quite faffy. As you may know I'm a huge fan of Barry M nail polishes, and this year is no exception. A mint candy apple look-a-like comes in the form of Barry M Nail Polish in Huckleberry. This is a really super cute colour, and a very spring-esque. These polishes apply like a dream on me, have a beautiful shine and stay on my nails really well! Also from Barry M I have the colour Prickly Pear, which was the first colour I owned from the gelly shine nails. So these are my choice of nail polishes for spring, as a side note I've also been loving the Speed Dry line from Barry M at the moment but didn't include them in the photo!

What nail colours do you sport in spring?

Thursday, 23 April 2015


As I've mentioned before, I'm a huge book lover. Since being at uni I've tried to keep up my reading habits as I find it is such a good stress reliever to me, especially when I immerse myself into a fictional world. Wonder by R.J Palacio was one of the books I've wanted to read since the start of the year. It's about a boy who is born with numerous face abnormalities and this story. The book is written from the perspective's of many of the different characters, including Auggie the main character, his sister and a number of his school friends. Rather than being split into traditional chapters this book is split into the different perspectives, then inside each of those is a small page or two of writing on a specific day or topic which is what I suppose you could call the mini chapters. This means it's a easy book to pick up and read wherever you are without feeling like have you have to read pages on end before you get to the end of a chapter. The book is set in America, and follows the life of Auggie when he makes the big transition from being home schooled to going to a state school at the age of 10. 

The thing I loved most about this book is the way you got an insight into all of the different members in Auggie's life, and although some of them may have seemed to have been accepting of Auggie's difficulties at first when you get round to reading their chapters things are not all as they seem to be. This book also shows the challenges that children with facial abnormalities face in day to day life, and the disgusting reactions that people have towards a ten year old child they often know nothing about. A book about friendship, courage and bullying I couldn't recommend this book more. 

What have you read recently?